Free PCB: guess where @dangerousproto is going with @Finnair

Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 in Free PCBs by Ian

We’re about to fly Finnair to another Global Geek Tour destination. Four random people who guess where we’re going will get free PCB codes tomorrow morning. Post a comment below, or help us try to get free stuff from Finnair by tweeting your answer on Twitter.

Remember, there’s two ways to get a code:

  • Leave a comment here with your guess. We’ll choose two random correct answers and send out coupons tomorrow
  • Retweet or reply on Twitter with @dangerousproto and @Finnair in your tweet to help us shameless try to score free stuff from Finnair’s marketing department. We’ll choose two random tweets tomorrow, no guess necessary

Thanks for helping us try to score free stuff. We’ll be back with pictures and video next week.

Be sure to check out our Akihabara video tour too.

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50 Responses to “Free PCB: guess where @dangerousproto is going with @Finnair”

  1. Dan says:

    I’m going to go with Hong Kong.

  2. FS says:

    Hmm… maybe to one of the 65 airports? Hamburg, Germany :D

  3. Kawa says:

    Shenzhen SEG Electronic Market?

    • Levi says:

      I’m thinking that it won’t be SEG since that’s not scheduled until April…hmmm…I’ll go with Seoul, South Korea…

  4. Cristian says:

    Hmm.. Hong Kong??

  5. asdf says:

    I’m thinking you are going to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, via Helsinki airport.

  6. Arup says:

    I’ve just tweeted mentioning @dangerousproto and @Finnair by a fresh tweet. I couldn’t retweet or reply in twitter because this post isn’t live in twitter. A bug in plugin?

  7. Arup says:

    I guess somewhere in EU. Because china trip is scheduled for next month.

  8. Nicholas D'Annunzio says:


  9. riccardo says:


  10. wavo wig says:

    Seoul, South Korea??

  11. John says:

    Seoul, south korea is my guess

  12. asdf says:

    Ok, so the picture is taken today, few hours before this message. I tried to look any Finnair (advertisement) flights to any interesting places. I didn’t find any, but my second guesstimate is a) Bangkok or b) you are on a flight back to Amsterdam.

  13. nato says:

    Could it be a visit to SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China?

  14. kiran says:

    Munich, Germany

  15. GinPB says:

    Germany, Hannover, Cebit.

  16. Cosmin says:

    SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen

  17. megabug says:

    Hannover, Cebit… Can spare you the trip, boring every year. :D

    • Sjaak says:

      The only fun part of the CeBIT is the muncher beerhall :)

      (this year is even more worse then last year, except the vodafone racetrack)

  18. SaakNeMah says:

    A lucky shot: Cebit?

  19. twinpeaks says:

    I also guess CeBIT, Hannover, Germany.

  20. Murli says:

    Electronics Market and the seed-studio workshop in Shenzen??

  21. Vladimir says:

    Shenzen, China, according to the forum.

  22. Sobh says:

    Shenzhen, China is planned for April, change in plans?

  23. Chuckt says:

    You’re going to Italy to where they make the Arduino?

  24. WallaceIT says:


  25. Bruce says:

    Shenzen would be too easy.

    I’m guessing Yongsan in Seoul, South Korea.

  26. Since Akihabara was the last one, and Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has already been to Shenzhen, I would think Yongsan Electronics Market in Seoul, Korea

  27. tim says:

    Seoul, South Korea.

  28. N3TL0@D3R says:

    If i’m not wrong your going to Shenzhen china. Hopefully some day i will make it to akihabara.

  29. Mike says:


  30. ruiner says:

    South Korea, Seoul, Yongsan Electronics Market?

  31. Mechengineer says:

    Could it be Seoul, South Korea for some more goodies

  32. Bill says:

    Salzburg, Austria?

  33. AndThen says:

    The light and shadows of the picture indicate early morning or late evening, but your phone added a mid afternoon timestamp.

    So I guess that is probably the daily 11:40 to Helsinki, but that is not very geekish of a stopping point.
    Hmm back to Tokyo maybe, it’s hard to know for sure.

    Here is some help for those who want to play, “Where in the world IS Ian”

    AY073 17:20 HELSINKI TOKYO (NRT)
    AY077 17:25 HELSINKI OSAKA (KIX)
    AY041 17:30 HELSINKI SEOUL (ICN)

  34. blodgar says:

    gotta go with CeBit…

  35. Peter says:

    Guessing Seoul in (not best) Korea.

  36. EschatologicalEngineer says:

    Happy Travels! My guess is Seoul, South Korea.

  37. Tuomas says:

    Well I’m going to Vienna, Austria on sunday with Finnair. I’ll vote for the same destination ;)

  38. Marc says:

    Exploring Chongqing?

  39. robert says:

    How about Pyongyang?

  40. lahcen says:

    Yongsan Electronics Market, south korea.

  41. David says:

    Shenzen, China or Shanghai

  42. theWyliestCoyote says:


  43. Philip says:

    i think it would be at ShenZen! Where Seeed is!

  44. Casey O'Donnell says:

    CeBIT at Hannover, Germany.

  45. Sleepwalker says:


  46. rsdio says:

    If you want free stuff from Finnair, then try to find a way to show them that people are actually buying tickets because Dangerous Prototypes flies Finnair.

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