Reprogramming USB Webkey dongle using Bus Pirate

JJShortcut took one of the webkey USB devices his school was discarding and decided to reverse engineer it. The device plugs into the USB port on a PC and when its on-board button is pushed it opens the computer’s web browser, directing the user to a specific URL.

He found that the heart of the device was a 24C02 EEPROM containing the URL data. Using the Bus Pirate he was able to read the EEPROM and reprogram it with the URL of his choice.

You can get your own Bus Pirate for less than $30.

brentbxr via the contact form.

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  1. I HATE these WebKey things. They are pretentious and assume you are either too stupid or too lazy to type a URL into your Web browser. Finally if you are dumb enough to allow a WebKey to automatically launch your browser and navigate for you just by plugging it in to your USB port – you deserve to get any sort of infection the WebKey wants to give you.

    WebKeys… another example of just how stupid the U.S. public education system has become.

    The only good thing about the taxpayer paid-for WebKeys in this story is that the school was discarding them – and that the Author was able to make some use of them. Maybe reprogram them to bring up a page about how bad these things are, then put them back into the school system.

    1. So yeaaaah, you search for a website about how to hack a webkey to complain about how stupid webkeys are? You must be a very busy man.

  2. Yeah they work, Cos I got expencive program & just follow these steps…
    1) type new password into hak Grid & reconfigure Bus port to g minus 5, then Rewire your coputer so Minus = Plus . insert code from Skunkworks programme, insert a small metal bolt into hard drive & turn on.. Smoke means its working good.

    Good Luck

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