MakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer

Drone writes about a new 3d printer project he’s found:

MakiBox A6 is a new crowd-funded project by Jon Buford in Honk Kong. Price is $300USD each plus $50USD International shipping. The basic kit includes all MakiBox parts with electronics and power supply and 1 kg of plastic (2 x 1/2kg spools of ABS). No software is included but there are plenty of open-source solutions. For example, ReplicatorG ( is mentioned as the STL file gateway feeding MakiBox.

The MakiBox uses trapezoidal drive shafts that provide 8mm/revolution travel. Print speed should be around 60-80mm/sec. with 1.8 deg. steppers. There is a heated printbed. The consumable material is typically 1mm ABS plastic which MakiBot will sell for $20USD/kg in 1/2kg spools (which is pretty cheap by today’s standards).

Go to Makibox for more details and videos on the project’s development.
Via the contact form.

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  1. Do you feel comfortable with this site? 3 projects in total with only 2 completed minor ones. 100$ submission fee, 10% invention license royalty (sic!). Uhhh.
    Even “only” takes 5% of the funds raised and attracks much more people.

  2. Brilliant.

    Start your own kickstarter clone on site.
    Open up donation/investment box.
    Profit =)

    Even if you get something back, you’ve overpaid for an unproven design. You can build the well tested, opensource Prusa Mendel for ~$300-400 self sourced and it’ll probably be better than any random design.

  3. Hi my name is Nick and I’m the co-founder of Makible.

    I feel like I should clear things up a little bit on here. First of all, the 10% invention licensing deal is actually the opposite of Kickstarter’s style. We actually make (manufacturer) and ship the successful projects out for the inventors! So as an inventor, all you needed to do was to create the design and prototype and make a good pitch video! Once the project is funded, you can just sit back and receive 10% royalty on all sales! This is actually the same as the traditional invention licensing deals out there, except normally, inventors only get 1 ~ 5% of wholesale price!

    We are definitely one of the good guys! I mean, I set out trying to do a good thing for all the creators & makers! You can see me talk about it here:

    So, hopefully I’ve cleared things up a little :) Do feel free to ask me any questions or give more feedbacks! (1 feedback I got here is DEFINITELY update our licensing agreement so it creates less confusion!!)

    Also, if you’re a product designer, and you like what Makible has to offer (the whole you design while we make & distribute), please feel free to contact me directly at We would love to work with you on a personal level to walk you through our site and get your design to market!



    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your comment. I have a few questions I couldn’t immediately answer reading the site:

      Do you know the license on the printer? Is it open source? I guess this is a question for the designer.

      Is there somewhere I can check out the design files?

      You mention license confusion in your comment. Was that a reply to @mip above? Does Makible own the license to successful projects?

      I’ll be in Hong Kong in April, would you like to talk to Dangerous Prototypes about your startup and goals?

  4. Hi Ian,

    Yes, the design of the MakiBox will be open sourced. We believe in being open (See and giving back to the communities. Just ask Jon, the creator of MakiBox. He used to be a toy inventor and he’s totally against patents! In fact, one of his pet open source project was Peer Patent –

    The design files will be out when the design is finished :P (As you can see on the funding page’s updates, Jon is still iterating on the design to make it more AWESOME!)

    Yup, license confusion was a reply to @mip. Basically, inventors own the rights to their own creations, Makible only has an exclusive license to produce and sell for the inventor for a period of time. We’re even thinking about making it a non-exclusive license now… if we can enable 3D printer based manufacturing with the MakiBox!

    You coming to HK?! Oh of course, we would love to! Are you going to SXSWi in March?

    BTW, one more place where I wrote about my inspirations on 3D printers changing the world –

  5. Ordered in Feb never shipped and after several request i have not heard from them. I may have just donated my money . Be careful

  6. Guys, watch out, Makible is bankrupt, and investors / customers are being pissed, as JonBuford keeps lying to them without actually delivering the product to them. So, don’t buy anything as Hong Kong Police is investigating the case, soon lawsuits will follow.

  7. The above statements are false. The company is not bankrupt, but it is going through restructuring. False comments like the above are only making it more difficult for us to resume normal operations and are not helpful to those that want to simply get their printers. Please see for the current status.

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