Adafruit launches Circuit Playground app

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 in documentation, tools, utilities by the machinegeek

Adafruit has launched their Circuit Playground app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It provides a collection of reference formulas at the touch of a button, simplifiying calculations to make your project more fun.

Decipher resistor & capacitor codes with ease. Calculate power, resistance, current, and voltage with the Ohm’s Law & Power Calc modules. Quickly convert between decimal, hexadecimal, binary or even ASCII characters. Calculate values for multiple resistors or capacitors in series & parallel configurations. Store, search, and view PDF datasheets. Access exclusive sneak peaks, deals & discounts at Adafruit Industries. All that, plus updates with additional features & enhancements – MANY NEW CALCULATORS AND TOOLS being added!

The app costs $2.99 in the Apple appstore, and you receive a $2.99 coupon to use one your next Adafruit purchase. This is a really handy app to have if you have an iOS device. They promise an Android version is in the works.

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2 Responses to “Adafruit launches Circuit Playground app”

  1. pt says:

    android version of the adafruit circuit playground app is in the works! BUT for folks who want a great android tool now be sure to check out electrodroid by demetrio lero!
    we also put this on the app page :)

  2. Ivan says:

    Any news about Android version?

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