Tizen open source pre-release code available

The Linux Foundation Tizen Work group announces the availability of a set of pre-release tools to give application developers an early look at Tizen. “Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices, smart TVs, and more. Tizen will offer an innovative operating system, applications, and a user experience that consumers can take from device to device.”

Open source code junkies can find what they need on the downloads and docs page. Currently, the SDK is only available for Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04 32-bit systems, but Windows and Mac versions are expected soon.

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  1. Throwing garbage into a pot and stirring vigorously only results in mixed-up garbage.

    With a narrow hardware set and BSP or an Ix86 powered target, there’s no reason a generic System-V or xBSD style Linux/Unix system can’t be fast booting, lean and powerful.

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