Anti SOPA and PIPA: Your failed business model is not our problem

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 in Editorial by Ian

Another day, another industry with a failed business model wants to break the internet to survive. Yawn.

Lots of sites are going black today to protest plans for American internet censorship under SOPA and PIPA.

We’re going to respond with mocking. This legislative silliness will continue until the final nail is banged into the coffin of antiquated content distribution models. It’s so tired, it’s like a recycled yo mama joke.

If you’re in the US, and don’t like the proposed legislation, please call or write your representative. If you’re outside the US, you can still contact the US State Department. Remember to mention PIPA too. SOPA has gotten a lot of blow back, but PIPA seems to still be on track.

If you own internet domains, be sure to reward good behavior.

Update: All these banners are of course open source (CC-0/public domain), so use ’em. The Illustrator source is available in the art folder of our SVN too.

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16 Responses to “Anti SOPA and PIPA: Your failed business model is not our problem”

  1. AndThen says:

    Should you find you just can’t live without Wikipedia for a day. Disable java, until they fix it at least.. I’d of rather seen google shut the doors. FBI probably make em open back up =D

    • arhi says:

      I don’t think google has cohones to do something like that.. and since microsnot as the owner of bing (not sure what’s the deal with yahoo) supports sopa…

  2. tayken says:

    Loved the new banners :D

  3. bearmos says:

    Although google didn’t black out, they did organize a petition. If you’re in the US, sign it!

  4. Arup says:

    I just saw that Wikipedia is celebrating blackout for this reason.
    But a tip to all DP visitors, that you can still access any wiki page.
    Open the URL (e.g, you’ll see the page loads and after 1 seconds of page fully loaded, the page becomes black and shows the SOPA/PIPA banner.
    You need to hit ‘Esc’ in the 1 second period and wikipedia will not become black and you can get all information as normal.

  5. Media Conglomerate, Inc. says:

    Dear Internets,

    Our business model is based on government goons doing our bidding, and our business model is *going* to be (even more of) your problem when we get SOPA/PIPA passed.

    Media Conglomerate, Inc.

    p.s. If you like SOPA, you’ll *love* SOPA II which will be necessary to plug the holes in SOPA I.

  6. mike says:

    SOPA II is likely to be the law that makes it a felony to circumvent censored DNS. In the meantime I hope those with more technical expertise than I (and a shred of ethical decency) are working on a solution to this because, you know they are eventually going to succeed getting some of this crap through the process, and President Obama will “reluctantly sign it” I’m sure. But until it is illegal to do so, some utility that locally stores an IP address to name translation table (like DNSmasq except with trusted root servers) is a likely work-around. The problem is the trusted part, and making it easy for non-tech types.

    It is my hope that some viable-work around will be developed faster than the corporate elected idiots can criminalize it.

    • AndThen says:

      The ethical people have already done their parts, secure dns exists. Pretty sure this is already worse than you imagined. Something more along the lines of the major gateway routers that black hole things in china is in the works?

  7. hak8or says:

    Yeyyy!! I was starting to get slightly worried that dangerous prototypes was not aware of sopa and pipa!
    Another good place to voice your opposition is
    It sends your decision about certain legislation (pipa and sopa too), sends them to the congress people that represent your zip code, and it links to the actual legislation so you can read it your self.

  8. bluehash says:

    Nice way to raise awareness. 43oh is also blacked out today.

  9. Ian says:

    I forgot to mention – all these banners are of course open source (cc-0), so use em. The Illustrator source is avaiable in the art folder of our SVN too.

  10. AndThen says:

    The internet archive and wayback machine are black also.. Yay for them, boohooo from me

  11. Hendrik Lipka says:

    Why not telling the politicians how SOPA would make it rather easy to take _their_ web sites down? Just tell them what simple letter to their hoster would be enough. And heck, if SOPA gets somehow passed, just send the letter :) I think they will then understand.

  12. Armino says:

    Thanks for the banners, I just put one on my website.

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