Bus Pirate firmware v6.0 now available

Bus Pirate firmware v6.0 is now available for download. v6 includes a ton of fixes for hardware v3 and v4. Hardware v4 is much more usable, and several new v4 features are enabled. A huge thanks to Brent for all his contributions to hardware v4 support!

The download includes firmware files and bootloader utilities for all hardware versions.

Bootloader utility source code is included. If you compile the BPv4 bootloader for Linux or Mac please share your binary to include in future releases. The Pirate-Loader utility could also use a few updates, such as hardware auto-detect and maybe firmware auto-select.

Please report any bugs you find, firmware v6.1 will follow shortly with fixes and additional updates for hardware v4. Changelog is below the break.

Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Bus Pirate firmware v6 changelog:

  • Enable OpenOCD support in v3. Note: OpenOCD currently not available for BPv4 due to lack of new USB system support. Added to Docs
  • Added advanced AUX control to I2C mode, documented here
  • Added frequency counter access to BBIO mode, documented here
  • Terminal supports Vt100 home and end keys
  • Updated servo position function. Documentation, guide
  • AVR Dude 40x speed improvement, documentation
  • Replaced 1-Wire routines with public domain version
  • Code compiles for v3/v4 automatically
  • Removed the color labels on the ‘v’
  • Fixed the ‘?’ and ‘v’ glitch
  • Removed obsolete files
  • Defined PPS in hardware setup
  • V4 only: Added UART autobaud measurement function
  • V4 only: Added k/K to the ? menu (c/C/k/K Aux select (A1/CS/A2/A3)
  • V4 only: Fixes for UART/SPI mode PPS
  • V4 only: Fixes to SPI slave (sniffer) PPS
  • V4 only: AUX1/2/3 fix
  • V4 only: Fixed AVRDUDE binmode issues
  • V4 only: Fixed SPI mode issues in all modes
  • V4 only: Fixed UART
  • V4 only: Fixed HD44780 LCD mode

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    1. You can get a production BPv4 now, but it is still not nearly mature or tested. We have sold about 60 of the first batch, but I have heard very little about it. The production firmware was totally no-go, nothing really worked. v6 final is much, much better, eg major stuff works, but there is a long way to go.

  1. Cool. It was time to order my second BP. This time the v4 of course :-)

    I’m already looking forward for the shipping from seeedstudio.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Just tried the BPv3-frimware-v6.hex firmware and that flashed and seems to be working fine. However, when I tried bpv3-xsvf-vb.hex, the bus pirate vreg and power leds come on after flashing unplugging and re-plugging I am unable to talk to the BP with terminal. So had to go back to the normal firmware using the jumper to get into the bootloader and re-flash. Problem with the extras firmware?

    1. bpv3-xsvf-vb.hex is the JTAG XSVF player.I looks like I forgot to include the extra firmware, thanks for the report. I’ll be sure to roll it into v6.1 next week.

  3. Ohh great,
    that will be a relief… not because of the new features but because know it becomes more clear again 6.0->Software v3 and v4 -> hardware
    Hmmm DP settle down on a clever system of referring to firmware and hardware versions.

    E.g. firmware always start with F, Bootloaders with B and hardware always with a V
    buspirate V3.5 with B4.1 and F6.x….
    this would work out with the present situation… you just have to rename software images…

    any ideas?

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