Bulk part order unboxing

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 in components, Videos by Ian

It’s not too impressive, but it is the biggest bulk order we’ve ever done at one time. This order stretches the limit of our photo light tent. Considering we only make prototypes, we’re pretty proud of it. Here’s what we got this time:

  • 50PCS USB Type-B Female Right-Angle PCB Mount Jack
  • 100PCS USB MINI-B Female SMD jack
  • 1 reel 0603 SMD Resistor 2K, 10K
  • 1000 pcs 10uF 0603 6.3v+ SMD capacitor
  • 1 reel 1uF 0603 10V SMD capacitor
  • 500 10uF/16V Tantalum Cap, Size A
  • 200PCS SMD Tactile Push Touch Switch Key Button
  • 50PCS Single row straight male & female pin header 40Pins
  • Character LCD Module Display 16X2 / 1602 Compatible HD44780
  • Character LCD Module Display LCM 1602 16X2 162 @ 3.3V

200 SOT-223 voltage regulators in 3.3/5volts, 100 each 8/12/20MHz crystals in HC49U, and a few other common items are still on the way.

Video below the break, also see our Mouser order unboxing from last week.

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8 Responses to “Bulk part order unboxing”

  1. That will be me next week :) Now I have to get my shelving in order.

  2. I love unboxing stuff like this! I have found that for the ‘physical’ items such as buttons and most of the time LEDs, in quantities of 100-500, ebay ends up being cheaper than some of the larger electronics distributors. But – it is ebay and you never know what you’ll actually be getting. Ah, end of the video, ebay was used for some stuff.

  3. paul says:

    Where was this order from? Mouser as well?

  4. kuhltwo says:

    I use e-bay as well for some parts. Mostly the more common stuff like electrolytic caps for repairing things, like monitors.

  5. FourthDr says:


    What hotair station is that you use? That a good quality low cost model?

  6. Rubu says:


    I believe that’s the Aoyue 968, short review in the tools list section.

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