Bus Pirate week, day 5 – measure a capacitor and parts unboxing

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2011 in Bus Pirate, demonstrations, Videos by Ian

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. Today we hacked the Bus Pirate to do crude capacitor measurement. You could use any microcontroller to do this, but one nice thing about the PIC24FJ is that it has a 32bit timer to measure large value capacitors. In the video:

  • How to measure capacitors with the Bus Pirate (or any uC)
  • Parts unboxing and discussion

Here’s some links mentioned in the video:

Don’t miss:

Grab the latest v6 firmware release candidate here.

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13 Responses to “Bus Pirate week, day 5 – measure a capacitor and parts unboxing”

  1. Marius Jonsson says:


  2. GinPB says:

    It would be great make Inductance measurements, from a Microchip application note I read that it could be done using the CTMU, could be a great project.

  3. Sjaak says:

    Owww goodies!!! Xmas is early this year :)

  4. Dolabra says:

    You beat me to it! I was going to do a bus pirate C tester this week-end!

  5. GinPB says:

    Little suggestion, you can put a fixed capacitor on the board, so you can make always a calibration, this way you can compensate errors on timers or voltage references, and you don’t need to put any constant inside the code.

  6. oliver says:

    where did day 4 go? :(

  7. Rubi says:

    Hi Jan

    Looks like you already have gotten your xmas presents.
    What could be better than a big box full of electronic components and some pcbs,…



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