We flew Finnair to Tokyo and it was awesome!

…how about free tickets to HongKong for the first Maker Faire in China?

Over the last year we’ve been all over the world for Maker Faires, open hardware conferences, and other Dangerous Prototypes business. For Maker Tokyo Meeting we flew Finnair economy through Helsinki. Finnair was such an amazing airline we want to heap on praise where it’s due.

Let’s start with an Airbus A330 so fresh from the assembly line it still had ‘new plane’ smell. Seats are 2-4-2, so a window seat isn’t a trap. More legroom than any other airline we’ve flow in recent memory. There’s an outlet in every seat, even economy! We got 8 hours of work watching tv done on the flight.

They wined and dined us the whole way, even the short 2 hour flight to Helsinki. A cheerful and polite crew continued the barrage of food and drink all night, when most US airline crews go off-duty. The bathrooms were even cleaned twice during the flight.

The connections both ways in Helsinki took about 10 minutes. Security was a breeze and we didn’t feel like cattle. Coming back from Maker Faire Bay Area we got stuck in London because we ‘only’ had two hours to connect. We though it might happen this time, but we had plenty of time for dinner and cheese shopping on a one hour layover.

Finnair gave us the single best flight this year. They’re trying really hard to develop Helsinki as the cheapest and shortest flight between Europe and Asia.  We’ll always try to fly them to Asia in the future, including our upcoming trip to Maker Faire China in April.

This post is a shameless attempt to rouse Finnair PR people via Twitter and get free airfare to Maker Faire Schezhen, China. How about it?

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    1. I noticed they do fly to two locations in India because Arup invited us to do something in India. Your transfer would be in Helsinki in between though. Not exactly a quick flight :)

  1. Ian,

    Aren’t you US based? If so, why are you flying to Europe to get to Asia? From the US east coast I can get direct flights (from New York) to many points in Asia, but sometimes I route thru LAX or SFO. The only time I route thru Europe on the way to/from Asia is when I have other business (or goofing off!) to do in Europe!


    PS The best airlines in the world, IMHO, seem to be Asian airlines (Singapore Air, Cathay, etc.), but then I’ve never flown Finnair!

    1. We’re all over, so sometimes we fly to and from the US midwest close to home (Ohare), sometimes from Europe, and even sometimes from the South Pacific and Hawaii :)

  2. I avoid only two airlines out of all I used so far (and I used many). JAT and AIR FRANCE. I try not to use Lufthansa as they tend to get worse and worse every year but I do not avoid them “for any cost”. JAT and AIR FRANCE I avoid even when they are 20-30% cheaper then competition..

    Best experience I had with ME companies (Air Arabia, Qatar Airlines ..) it was surprisingly good experience every time..

    1. I only avoid British Airways at all cost, but will take the others into consideration :) Junky planes, never had a flight work right. We did 6 BA flights this year, felt like most had issues. In the past they have always been the worst too.

  3. Turkish Airlines is my first choice, sometimes the prices are higher than others but service is excellent! Plus I have a point card with them and can use CIP lounges with domestic flights. Also I don’t have to transfer from anywhere, Istanbul is their hub.

    Also my gf flied with Ethiad Airlines from Turkey to Japan, cheap tickets but great service. You have to transfer from Abu Dhabi, this is their hub.

  4. 22% of the Finnish economy is electronics (not sure whether that’s 22% of foreign trade or the entire economy), and I have some nice electronics that were Made in Finland and came with a 10 year warranty!

    I agree with the comments that Singapore Air is one of the best on the planet. The most obscure airline that I ever flew was Egypt Air from New York City to Cairo. I do wonder whether Finnair is somehow subsidized by the citizens of their country, which would make the luxury a bit unfair.

  5. I remember when flying in the U.S. was an efficient and comfortable experience and flying to/from International destinations was a nightmare. Now it is exactly the opposite.

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