Bus Pirate week, day 2 – accessories and cables

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. We’re cleaning up firmware v6 and getting ready for a final release. Today we looked at Bus Pirate accessories and cables. Here’s some links mentioned in the video:

The Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter order went in earlier today. Tomorrow we’ll talk about cases, and hopefully later this week we’ll unbox our shipment of parts reels.

Grab the latest v6 firmware release candidate here, check out the Bus Pirate development video we made yesterday.

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    1. Thanks for watching. Yes, the v4 LCD adapter will eventually be on sale. I discussed it in the video, but to keep it under 15 minutes a few sections got cut. I set out to discuss stuff for 10 minutes and went 35 minutes in one take :) It will appear in a future episode for sure though!

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