Parts shops on the street on Akihabara Electric Town tour

After we hit the electronic part stands in the maze, we headed for the street. These were like shops and markets anywhere, except you find giant solar panels and Nixie tubes sitting along the sidewalk. More photos below the fold.

Nope, we weren’t kidding about the solar panel. There it is, a big solar panel for sale on the sidewalk.

Here’s a huge selection of motors and batteries. Most of these are tiny vibration motors from cell phones. We think they might be similar to the motors using in the flying machines at Maker Meeting.

Yes, we had to take some home.

SparkFun, and Arduino, represented.

Every type and shape of protoboard, surface mount breakout board, flux, solder, etc. We grabbed some tiny fine 0.3mm solder to help break our drag soldering habit.

We’re trying to case up our most popular products, so we looked at every case we could find. This store had hundreds. Most totally ugly, like every other project box out there. We got some inspiration though, so watch out!

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  1. need one of these in Hawaii, heck every city
    there actually are shops like this everywhere but they dont advertise or need a buisness licence to purchase, and digikey and mouser dont cut it

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