Nyan cat running on a Parallax Propeller

We haven’t had a Sunday Silliness post in quite a white, so here goes. The above video depicts an animated Nyan cat running across the galaxy. The video and accompanying audio are generated by a single Parallax Propeller microcontroller. This demo was created by Doug Dingus. Video generation is accomplished using the NTSC 4×2 colorburst TV driver” object by Eric Ball for video generation and the Retronitus sound engine by Johannes Ahlebrand for music generation. Check out the posts in the Parallax forums for discussion and links related to this project.

Yes, the cat keeps running for three minutes to hypnotic retro-tech music. No, it doesn’t do anything else. But it’s funny, it’s three weeks before Christmas, and it illustrates the video and sound capabilities of the Propeller.

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