GKOS keyboard for Arduino

The Global Keyboard Open Standard (GKOS) is an ongoing project to implement the full qwerty keyboard on a set of 6 keys. It is intended for use with tiny wireless terminals in order to minimize the space requirements. The standard was first published in 2000 and has been the subject of ongoing development. You can find a complete history on the project here. GKOS has evolved to include implementations for Android devices, the iPhone and other devices.

One branch of the project implements GKOS on the Arduino. A copy of the Arduino GKOS library can be downloaded from the GKOS Arduino page.

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  1. kinda weird that they chose 6 keys rather than 5, considering the number of fingers on the average hand.

  2. This article is not titled correctly. They DID NOT implement a “QWERTY keyboard” using 6 switches… that would be obviously impossible! What they DID DO was to implement the ability to access many/most/all CHARACTERS found on QWERTY keyboards, something that has been done in 9 buttons on cell phones for nearly two decades.

    Less sensationalism, please.

    1. 9 buttons on cell phones do not implement e.g. Ctrl, Alt, Tab, four Arrow keys, Esc, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down. In addition to those, ALL characters on qwerty are supported by GKOS plus some extra. So, depending on the application, you can paint text by Shift+Arrows, copy by Ctrl+C, paste by Ctrl+V etc.

  3. I’m in love with the idea. My hands have never worked well, I flunked typing, handwriting and musical instruments. Turns out I’m one of Jerry’s Kids, but I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 50. Plus I’ve had 7 surgeries to my hands since.

    I see aps for hand held stuff, but notheing for desk top/desk chair use. My idea is to build a system from a scrap keyboard. I’ll use a piece of pvc pipe in each hand with three push buttons in each. I can solder and build, but the net has slight info. I found hints that it is doable, but the diy page is missing from gkos.net. Seems all the diy takes greater comp skills than I have. (What the heck IS an Ardweeeno? I don’t need IR. )

    Or is there something out there I’m overlooking? The in10did thing won’t work for my fumble fingers. A qwerty board is not liked by my wrist/fingers. ( I’m looking back on this note and see 30 spellcheck items.) GKOS lets me look at the monitor, not my huntenpeck fingers. hmm, some kind of inventroy-er handpiece pops into my mind?

    Seems most of what I find for GKOS is 5-10 years old. This site ain’t exactly burnin up the interwebs.

    Any help?

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