Dangerous Prototypes source code visualization

See two years of source code development in a 6 minute visualization. Tayken used a script to visualize code development in the Dangerous Prototypes SVN repository at Google Code.

Watch for the 2 big reorganizations, one in 2010 and again in 2011. In the beginning there’s a single long-term contributor, but around 2010 the number of long-term contributors explodes.

Youtube’s codec made the first 4 seconds a little fuzzy, but it’s ok after that.

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  1. Cool.

    I’m trying to imagine which project is which flower :) Wondering how the buspirate svn looks like (hint hint)

  2. The “plant” doesn’t look balanced at a few points through the time but thanks to the reorganizations it’s back to balanced.

    Well, there’s 2 branches came out at the end. Have to keep the “plant” balanced! ;- )

  3. There was the option to hide some parts from SVN file, so I’ve used it to hide user names, directory names and file names. First one had all of that info and there was a lot clutter, you couldn’t see the plant clearly so I hid them :)

  4. very cool, tayken! i don’t think i’ve ever seen log/repository visualization that’s this easy to use. it would be nice if there was a way to get main projects labeled, without the clutter of filenames (still tinkering)

    1. Yeah, I really liked it when there were file names but that was too much. You can use directory names maybe? Or there was sth about copying some svn related file to an xml file. Then you can do some changes in that one?

      1. i tried -hide filenames and that worked fairly well (it still left the directory names). on even a moderate sized repo this also generates a bit of clutter, but at least you know which project is which. i imagine it would be fairly straight forward to take a peak at the xml log (i’m using an svn dump) and directly modify it, removing whatever is unnecessary.

        another tidbit i found, after perusing some documentation: the output is actually interactive , you can pan, zoom, follow contributors, mouse over files/dirs, drag the timeline, pause, etc, etc.

  5. Yeah, you can. I’ve used a one line command to directly export it to a video file. Here it is if you want to check out the options I have used:

    gource -640x480 --seconds-per-day 0.5 --auto-skip-seconds 1 --title "Dangerous Prototypes SVN" --hide usernames,mouse,dirnames,filenames -o - | ffmpeg -y -b 10000K -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libx264 -vpre slow -threads 0 -bf 0 dangerous_svn.mp4

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