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  1. No, I wasn’t bored at all. I was already experimenting with capacitive sensing when the contest came on. Just went a bit into over-engineering mode. Took effectively only few days to design; a bit more to build, though. Actually, I think most time went into documenting.

  2. Very good :) The best one so far, IMHO.

    I’m to compete too, but my chips have not arrived yet. Expect some competition on this, I’m also focused on capacitive properties … :) and in a tutorial-style design.

    Your documentation is very very good. A great work!.

  3. Thanks for posting your insite into capacitive touch. Really interested. I am convinced that Apple has a patent impeding hover based touch interaction from satisfying a huge demand; it would be nice for the diyers to get an early chance to play with it.

  4. OK newbies’s you remind me of my not to early days as a EE at NASA. I would hand draft 7400 logic schematic for interfaces to mini- computers on a drafting table. Then I would wire wrap the design using a Gardner-Denver wire wrap tool with # 30 gauge wire. As serial to parallel interfaces for the TRS80 could cost $100 or more, so I built my own. I used 2 74LS96 shift registers and some start and stop logic to drive a ASR 35 teletype to print out my program listing. The TRS80 had a 44 pin bus connector on the side
    I had some address decode logic to parallel load the 8 bit data into the pair of 74LS96 registers

    1. Do not despair, you do not need to be versed in all aspects to compete. The simplest of ideas are often the funniest.

      Then, you should know that I also need to do a deal of reading up on the chips at hand to get a design to play the way I want…

  5. Hey Guys – I know this was over 4 years ago, but it looks like the domain expired. Do you have a repository of this stuff somewhere else accessible?

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