GIVEAWAY: TMP103 and TMP006 evaluation modules

Texas Instruments‘ PR boffins sent us TMP103 (I2C 12bit temperature sensor) and TMP006 (I2C infrared temperature sensor) evaluation modules to give away. We accepted these samples to followup on two Bus Pirate demos: Anthony’s demo of the TMP102 temperature sensor, and Joe’s demo of the TMP006.

We expected a chip on a breakout board, instead they sent full evaluation modules with a USB connector, software, and all the fixings. Way to go TI, they sell these for $49.00.

Tomorrow we’ll post a quick demo, and on Thursday they’ll be given away to commenters on this post. You know what to do: suggest a use for either module and it could be yours.

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  1. I think it would be cool to connect the TMP006 to your computer (via bus pirate or equiv) and show the user’s body temperature in the menu bar without touching him.

  2. I have a small greenhouse. One of the concerns I always have is that the soil temperature of my seedlings is in a good range and that the air temp in the greenhouse doesn’t get too high or too low. I’d use the TMP103 to measure general air temperature of the greenhouse. Then, the really cool part would be to mount the TMP006 to a servo, allowing a microcontroller to rotate the board to point it at different trays of plants and measure the soil temperature. That way I could alert if any were too low or high, as well as build a profile of hotspots in my greenhouse throughout the season.

  3. Hi,

    I would use the TMP006 as a cloud sensor. The IR temperature of the sky is night and day, changes with the amount of cloud cover. This information can be used to shutdown an automated observatory is the sky clouds up at night.

  4. The TMP006 would make a great way to sense when people come onto my porch for Halloween and to activate a surprise ghoul!

  5. I wouldn’t mind having one of these to build into a temperature logger. There are several things I would like to watch the temperature trends for, and an I2C temperature sensor sounds just right!

  6. As an amateurs herpetologist and maker I can think of several uses for both. Nothing like making sure rare and exotic animals are safe and comfy.

  7. TMP006 is excelent to monitor temperature in an 3 phase inverter DC-AC, each phase ( witH 2 transistor) needs different dead time between each ON state depending on temperature of transistors. With tmp006 I could get a precise control of this.

  8. I think it would be cool to attempt to measure someone’s heart rate with the IR sensor. I’m not sure if this has been done before, but if the sensor is precise enough I think it will work at close range.

  9. Here the TMP006 would be really useful for a biometrics setup. You could have the infrared temperature module paired up with infrared heart meter (you know, an ir led and and an ir phototransistor) and make a human diagnostic tool. If you knew how to interpret the signals.

  10. I’ll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in December and am assembling a sensor pack to collect environmental and biometic data during the climb. I’m looking for a high accuracy sensor to collect both ambient and body temperatures. I2C is my preferred communications protocol as I don’t know the final number of sensors and like being able to aggregate onto a minimum number of pins on my microcontroller.

    Either the TMP103 or TMP006 board would be very useful in developing this sensor pack.

  11. Of course, for a DIY thermal-curve-follower electronics reflow oven. With microcontroller and a control loop, we can put the oven in the right themperature, in the right time, to solder by the reflowing process (temperature/time curve).

  12. I’m interested in tracking the temperature gradient in my attic over time and trying to determine which locations to insulate first based upon exposure and temperature variability.

  13. would be nice to be able to monitor the temperature of a HB led heatsink to see if its making a good joy at disipatng the heat.

  14. The TMP006, being thermopile based, could be used to make a quite cheap laser power meter, using an attenuator with broadband absorption coating.

  15. Not the most unique idea, but I think the 103 would make a great temperature sensor for the Web Platform powered network thermostat I’ve been toying around with. The simple 2 wire protocol would make it a cinch to have a remote room sensor, to have a multiroom average instead of relying on a single temperature point to control the A/C for the entire house.

  16. mount the sensor with a gps based data collection system. Then cycle / drive it all over the city to measure road and building temperatures for quantifying urban heat-island effect. Mounting it to a balloon to measure the heat island effect on city’s ambient air temperature and compare it with the suburbs or rural areas.

  17. TMP006: measure body temperature during private time with my partner. Check which positions produce the most heat.
    And after that experiment reuse it for a more obvious reason: a reflow oven ^^

  18. I would love to use the TMP103 temperature sensor for my small greenhouse I have. I am growing the ghost chili (hottest pepper in the world), and it requires specific temperatures in which to grow. I would try to interface it with the heating pads and also a warmer that I have to keep the greenhouse at a specific temperature, so as to maintain a constant liveable temperature for my little chilies. This temperature sensing unit would be an excellent addition to my project.

  19. My current robot, DALEK-2, has a plethora of sensors including temperature. At the moment my temp sensor is analog (along with a few others). This wouldn’t be a problem except there’s a lot of interference generated by the motors, and it’s getting in the way of clean temperature readings. If I had an i2c based sensor, accurate temperature mapping would be WAY easier. If I got my hands on the infrared sensor then all hell (as in thermal imaging) would be let loose using 2 servos and processing!

  20. I would use the TMP103 to build a temp monitor for the wine cellar and use the TMP006 to monitor if the heater is left on when the lights of a room are turned off.

  21. It would be nice if we can use TMP0006 to build temperature network. It could be placed inside any building, so the M&E engineer can monitor temperature in any spot to manage air flow supply to obtain maximum HVAC operational efficiency.

  22. Hi, the 12bit TWI temp sensor looks like quire regular one. We can use 12bit ADC and thermistor to achieve same I think.
    The TPM006 looks interesting. If I get it, my planning is to use this in a handy case with obviously portability option. An Attiny and small piece of code is enough to read TWI information and send it to a HD44700 character LCD display. Whenever a user button S1 is pressed the temperature is read and displayed in the display. This will be much useful in measuring our soldering iron tip and also heat pads temperature for a good control/watch on temperature for fine soldering.

  23. Seems like a nice temperature sensor.

    I have a DVR that gets occaisonally too hot even in its spacious cabinet and shuts down if the cabinet door is not left open. I want to measure the temp profile and come up with a cooling/ventilation solution so I can shut the door. I want to make measurements before and after.

  24. TMP006 can only measure upto 125°C. I think this may not be suitable for soldering iron temperature measurement or re-flow temperature control.

  25. I’d like to find out what temperature variations happen inside our grand piano which is kept near the front door, which is frequently opened to our Canadian winter air.

  26. Pretty nice stuff. I wonder if it could be combined with a decent optic to give it a more directional beam.
    And of cause I´d like to call one my own ;)

  27. The TMP006, together with a PIR sensor, will make a great “you forgot
    to turn off the oven” alarm for our kitchen. Mounted above, it can
    recognize when the oven is turned on. If nobody is in the room for 5
    minutes or so, the alarm will go off. (Our oven is powered by city gas,
    so I cannot sense the current usage for finding out whether its on or

  28. I’d like to investigate whether a sore part of my body has a different temperature compared to a non-sore part. Oftentimes, a sore part feels hot to the touch. And, perhaps, a bruised part might feel cooler because of impaired circulation. Who knows but it will be fun to try out.

  29. I would love to have one to make a IR camera with this by scanning with a servo across x and y axis to take readings and use an AVR to package and send those readings to a python script to make an image. I’ve seen several demonstrations of this concept with one sensor, but with multiple sensors on one board and proper compensation for the distance from each other, it may be possible to take multiple images at once, or one larger resolution image.

  30. Hmm, misread the descriptions, but i would still want the IR sensor to do this project. It’s been a project I have been wanting to do for a long time now, i just never found an easily affordable IR temp sensor, would be great to get it for free. ;)

  31. Thermal entry alarm system? Watch for drastic change in temperature within its field-of-view, and compare to ambient temperature.

  32. The usage may comprise a wide scope. Sensing temperature may range from complete intelligent/professional systems to totally hobbyist projects. :)

  33. I am looking at developing a body area network for pregnant women. Lot of times due to complications we need to monitor their temperature over a few days. I believe both IR and normal temperature sensor can be used for these purposes. Both for both localized and other kinds of measurements.

  34. we can use this for security purposes or motion sensor imaging(like we see on nat geo or discovery).
    1.sudden changes in temperature can be used to switch on the camera to take images n can also be used for security purposes, people with flexible bodies can pass laser by bending their body here n there but they cant get their body temperature to a level same as room temperature(say 20C).

  35. It would be nice to network these in the office at each desk to check temperature differences in different areas. We could then use that data to adjust the heating and cooling and hopefully save some money. Might even be able to use the infrared sensor to check when employees are at their desk. Ummm never mind that one.

  36. I’ll use to collect remote temperature reading and log them and a robot would attend the site if temp > threshlod level and IR Temp can be connected to for non- contact temp measurement and that idea is really cool

  37. I’ve been working on this chicken egg hatching incubator for the kids. I’ve devised a way to regulate the temperature inside. The output of a temperature sensor would be great to activate the heating mechanism when needed.

  38. Hi,

    very cool the IR contactless sensor based on MEMS. I was thinking to use it with MPS430 to measure and disblay temperaure of laboratory animals.

  39. Finally, a perfect duo combo for temperature measurement :)
    I shall monitor temperature of my Hot Air Gun while SMD soldering/reflow :)
    And the other one, I2C 12 bit will go in measurement of temperature of Solar Water heater :)

  40. im a fresh graduate but im interested to that device for expiriment or interfecing to other device or hardware to have an output that really need by the people…

  41. well these could use to detect hiding pests like mouse in your house.. hehehehe or detect people under rubble caused by earthquakes..

  42. 1. The Infrared Temperature sensor can be used for making better fire alarms that can detect the heat wave at a distance from the source much more effectively.
    2. It can also be used for security systems where a thermal imaging analysis is done on suspects to find hidden weapons.
    3. The temperature sensor can also be used to monitor a patient’s condition to a particular treatment for intermittent intervals of time.
    4. One more effective use is in wildlife monitoring specially at night (using thermal camera) whereby thermal conditions of various species are determined and the data is used to find their location.

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