Testing PCB sales: Bus Pirate v3.5a-SOIC on sale now!

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 in Bus Pirate by Ian

A DIY version of Bus Pirate 3.5-SOIC is now on sale in the free PCB drawer. This is our first attempt at selling something directly. The PCBs were made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB service. They’re red and 100% e-tested for errors.

Unfortunately, this PCB has a minor bug, but it is easily corrected with a solder bridge between two adjacent pins on the 4066 chip. More in the forum.

PCBs are available for $3.95 each, with shipping starting at $2 ($2.50 international). That’s 2 PCBs for $5, the most-requested price point in our survey. We couldn’t get it to $5/flat because there’s a fixed cost for each order that a single PCB doesn’t cover. Payment is handled by PayPal, but you can use any credit card to checkout. We’ll have a full, public analysis of the cost for this experiment once the dust settles.

Here’s the parts in a shopping cart at Mouser, it should be everything you need to build the PCB. It is completely untested, so double check the parts before placing your order. This is a new thing for us, let us know if you use it and how it works.

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17 Responses to “Testing PCB sales: Bus Pirate v3.5a-SOIC on sale now!”

  1. Arup says:

    Add the FT232RL to the cart

  2. Ronan says:

    Curiously, the 3.3V regulator is marked as End-of-life.

    • Sjaak says:

      Last time I checked the supply was fairly huge (1000+) so not a real problem.

      The voltage regulator can be any sot23-5 3v3 part for that mather. Will look tonight for a replacement part at mouser.

      • ricros says:

        try the MCP1802T-3302I/OT

      • rsdio says:

        1,000 parts can disappear in seconds on Mouser. I’ve had parts go into backorder where plenty of inventory was shown at the time when I clicked “Buy.” I would consider 100000+ to be safe. I’m sure a replacement is easy to find.

  3. the PR guy says:

    *Most Excellent* . Adding the mouser shopping cart was the clincher for me. Never underestimate the power of convenience!

  4. Schazamp says:

    I love the Mouser cart, it’s great to see all the parts in one place, as a starting point for removing what I have (based on my own inventory) and identifying possible substitutions.

  5. cipher says:

    Can you start selling part as packs

  6. Brian says:

    I hope this works out for you Ian.

  7. bluehash says:

    Congrats on the start! Hope this takes off for you guys.

  8. Dolabra says:

    It looks like the pay with paypal option does not add $2 shipping.

  9. Dolabra says:

    too bad FT232RL is back-ordered :(

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