Dangerous Prototypes t-shirts now available

Get your dangerous on with a Dangerous Prototypes t-shirt. T-shirts are black with a white Dangerous Prototypes logo on the front.  Sizes available are small, medium, large and extra large.

This is a test batch, we have no idea how this will work out. They’re available at cost ($7) from Seeed.

A special thanks to Fan at Seeed for putting together a t-shirt test batch.

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  1. There’s always someone who complains.. and it’s gonna be me! I would love to buy a yellow one with black logo just like the one you have on your business cards :)

  2. $7.90 at cost for a 1 color screen print? Hmm…At cost in Cali is about $4.50 for a good quality shirt. Sick shirt, but lets get this on a few other variations of colors :)

    1. I think he means california, usa. I didn’t have any interaction with the printers so I have no idea the breakdown. We ordered 20 of each size so it was a pretty small order. The cost was similar to DIY t-shirt online places I saw, so I figured it was ok.

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