Free online course: basics of programmable logic

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 in CPLD, FPGA, site by the machinegeek

Altera has available a free online course covering the Basics of Programmable Logic.

This training will give you a basic introduction to programmable logic devices, focusing on FPGAs. By exploring the history of programmable logic technologies, you’ll learn about the architectural features that make up an FPGA device. You will see the advantages of using FPGAs for digital logic design. Finally, you’ll understand how design software, such as the Altera Quartus® II software v. 10.0, makes it easy to create and implement digital logic designs.

This course is just part of a whole lineup of free courses on CPLD and FPGA design from Altera.

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9 Responses to “Free online course: basics of programmable logic”

  1. Chuckt says:

    Which courses are free? This link says “free” while the others say $495.

    • the machinegeek says:

      By following the link under “whole line of free courses” you’ll see a whole list of progressive classes all of which are free (free registration is required.)

  2. Nabil says:

    Here are the FPGA videos:

    You still have to register, but here are some direct links
    Basics of programable logic: h
    VHDL Basics:
    Verilog Basics:

  3. Drone says:

    I would not call this “Free”. You must give up personal information to obtain full access to the materials in these courses. So there’s a definite cost in dealing with the strong possibility that without your time consuming intervention, Altera will bombard you with spam for the rest of your life. I made the mistake of signing up for something seemingly “free” like this several years ago. Almost immediately after, my spam rate went up. Still today, even after repeated requests for removal from their mailing list, the company I gave my Email address to still sends me spam almost daily pushing useless thousand-dollar webinars.

  4. cuagn says:


    “…Altera will bombard you with spam for the rest of your life …”

    I aggree that there is a risk for future spam, everytime you communicate your email address.

    My solution ?

    I’ve my own domain name (12€/year) and I use about 200 email redirection address.
    I’m known with a specific address by each of the organizations i’ve registered.

    For example, I’ve a address to be registered here and a when I’ve bought a Chronos eZ430…

    Is some organization misusing the specific address, I just have to suppress the it!


  5. chocobo_rider says:

    Or you could filter their mails…

  6. Kati Wright says:

    Hi all,
    I just ran across this conversation and wanted to chime in from Altera. I’m an Altera employee who works with our email team. Our email policy is that our email list is “opt-in,” which means that everyone on the list has requested to receive email from us. Like all businesses, we review this policy periodically to ensure that we’re sending our customers the most timely, applicable information possible. If you are ever put on to an Altera email list and wish to be removed, there is an opt-out link at the bottom of every email that can be clicked for instantaneous removal from the email contact database.

    In the case of our online training, registrants receive one automated email with links to where they can view the course without re-registering.

    I hope this information helps give you confidence that Altera uses your information appropriately and responsibly. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at kwright AT altera DOT com.

  7. Drone says:

    Hey Altera, If your Email list policy is strictly opt-in, then why do you collect Email addresses as a mandatory prerequisite to receiving information on your products in the first place?? I HATE when a manufacturer will not provide me with product information and/or pricing without collecting my personal information first.

  8. Kati Wright says:

    Hi @Drone,
    That’s a logical question. We request email addresses because we measure the success and popularity of each online training based on the numbers of unique users/registrants. As we have over 150 online trainings, we need to prioritize which trainings we’ll update, and one measure that we use is how many individuals are viewing each course in a given timeframe.
    I hope this answers your question–please let me know if you have any more!

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