Lightpack – USB content-driving ambient lighting system

Atarity writes to inform us of a project being developed in Russia known as the Lightpack 5.5, with an English language wiki page available.

The software analyzes the image on your monitor and transfers its data by USB to the Lightpack board. This board lights the surface behind a monitor, TV or laptop by means of RGB LEDs of the corresponding colors. The effect reminds us of the illumination of Phillips Ambilight TVs most of all.

The Lightpack is based on the Atmel AT90USB162 and the MBI5026GD LED driver. PCB files in Eagle CAD format, device firmware and software for image capture are available for download from Google code. As noted in comments the firmware source code can be found here.

Via the contact form.

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  1. The source for the firmware can be found under the Source tab of the Google Code page. I had a quick look and seems like everything needed to compile the firmware is there.

    This is an amazing project. Can’t wait to make on myself.

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