IM-ME jams APCO P25 digital comms

APCO Project 25 is a digital modulation protocol used by a growing number of public safety radio systems and to a limited extent by Amateur Radio Operators. APCO P25 radio transmissions are capable of being monitored by scanning receivers from Radio Shack, GRE and Uniden. That is, unless the agency monitored decides to encrypt their P25 comms.

As we all know, the IM-ME is an eminently hackable wireless toy capable of operating on certain frequency ranges between 281 and 962 MHz. Various hacks and mods have been published for this device. Now Travis Goodspeed and a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have come up with a truly Dangerous Prototype involving the IM-ME: an APCO P25 radio jammer.

In the above video from the recent Usenix Security Symposium held in San Francisco, CA, they demonstrate how they pulled off this hack and why its possible. You can download the PDF of the paper from this talk from the Usenix site. Must reading!

(We note that the CC1110 radio chip in the IM-ME is similar to that found in the ez430-Chronos watch from TI.)

Via Hack A Day.

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