TI launches new TIDeals site

Posted on Saturday, August 13th, 2011 in advertising, MSP430, News by the machinegeek

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Texas Instruments has a launched a new microsite known as They promise to deliver “the latest MSP430 MCU products at hugh discounts every two weeks!” At this writing they appear to be compiling an email list prior to the launch of their first “deal” in about two days.

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3 Responses to “TI launches new TIDeals site”

  1. tech2077 says:

    Seems like they are giving codes out for the next 10 days, but for what, is it for the chronos watch dev tool?

  2. octal says:

    I also don’t understand … for what these codes are? I tested witht he EZChrono and it says invalid code, I tried with their dev boards, still invalid code … :(

  3. Joe says:

    Texas Instruments and MSP430 bring you the newest and easiest way to get your hands on ALL TI Tools, Kits and Experimenter Boards!!!

    Here’s the thing- you like our tools….and we like selling them to you! Now, we’ve made it a little more interesting.

    We want to make it EASY for YOU to have access to the BEST TI development kits!!!

    Who wouldn’t love waving their Chronos (LaunchPad, FRAM Board, etc., etc.) in their friends’ faces because the app that you JUST created on your new tool runs circles around the one that they’re STILL working on using a somebody else’s more expensive tool? BOOYAH!!!

    We’re waiting for the sparkle paint to dry on our new site before we launch the first promo, but you need to get ready, because this is going to be your new regular thing.

    Every two weeks, we’ll switch out the the promotion with ANOTHER smokin’ deal!
    Once the current deal sells out, that’s it, no more tools for you……..until the next one……BOOM!
    Bookmark NOW!!
    Mark your calendar for August 16th, eZ430 Chronos wireless watch!!!!
    Prepare yourself to save some major $$$ and dive into the world of MSP430!

    Go to sign up and receive details about each new promotion from TI DEALS!

    Register an account with the TI eStore now to make buying your tools easy!!


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