Engineering Radio from Digikey

Earlier this year, Digikey began sponsoring Engineering Radio. It’s an online radio program/podcast hosted by Joe Desposito, Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Design magazine, and is dedicated to providing engineers with the latest news in the electronics industry.

There are currently 23 online shows archived, with new content added weekly. You can access the online player for Engineering Radio here. MP3 and ITunes downloads are also available.

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  1. A link to the show page would have been nice too. IPs change, and the player link is useless without Flash.

    I eventually managed to find the main page and the archive with some googling though.

  2. Digi-Key has a really hard sell when it comes to their online attempts. Everything is a mess – scattered all over the place & often suffering from Flash bloat. Often the content is just plain stale. What do you expect from a company that took forever to add sort-by-price to their online catalog! Thanks magetoo for drilling down to find the main page and archive – that must have been a tough slog.

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