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  1. The back of the tshirt should have the below lines,

    It’s not as DANGEROUS
    as it looks like, /\
    Beleive me. / ! \
    It’s even MORE. ~~~

    (the space in right after the first line will have DP logo where I’ve tried to draw it. Don’t blame me I’m not an ASCII specialist. :P )

  2. It should say:

    It’s not dangerous (DP logo here)
    It’s just a prototype…

    Or replace “It’s” for “I”m” for a more personal touch.

  3. “Warning! Can cause irregular behavior when given electrical equipment.”

    “Give me a remote, and I will be happy for a day. Give me a soldering iron, and your tv will never be the same again.”

    “I eat resistors for breakfast, upgrade your pc during lunch and smoke solder fumes at night.”

    “If you see me working on your equipment, you better have stocked some spare parts.”

    “I am not a geek. I make sure your hardware runs smoother.”

    “Does not contain Pb”

    “Warning: Exposure to light can cause irregular behavior”

    “No, I dont make phreaking boxes. I invent them.”


    “Endangered species: Homo Electronicus. Handle with care.”

    “*arrow pointing at the back of the head* Human Interface, will accept Plug-and-play devices”

    Need more?

  4. You don’t own it until you hack it.

    Hacking is an expression of civil disobedience.

    Hacking is political expression.

    If it works, hack it.
    If it doesn’t work, hack it too.

    (Music character) Don’t worry, be hacky (Music character)

    Hackyness is…
    – a warm soldering iron.

    Hackyness is…
    – the glowing screen of an oscilloscope on your bench.

    Some like it hack.

    If you didn’t design it, hack it!

    Hack or DIY !

    Hacking is a crime… according to stoopid.
    (in smaller characters) too stoopid to design anything anyway…

    Hack your way to the revolution

    Hack it,
    3D print your own,
    design something,
    refuse to die.

    You can let corporations own you, or you can hack.

    Consume or hack

  5. 21st Century, Everyone will make his/her own hardware.

    Are you Ready
    “Free Hardware Designs”

    Note) First line should be in relativly smaller format. “Free Hardware Design” should be bold and in some stylish format

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