Bus Pirate Zeno zit zapper hack update

Restoring a Zeno zit zaper tip was one of the first published ‘hacks’ using the Bus Pirate a few years ago. It’s still a super popular post that gets a ton of hits. Here’s some updates:

Was jacking around with the Zeno again recently and figured out (as far as I can tell) how to get the most counts or uses possible onto a Zeno tip. I started by comparing the tip EEPROM data of the 60, 90 & 150 count tips. Of the three data sets bytes 2, 12, 49, 65 & 66 were the only ones that changed from tip to tip. After studying these changes I eventually found a pattern and was able to put together some formulas for creating your own custom count tip. But really, who wants less than the maximum amount? For the method I worked out, the tip count must be in multiples of 15. Not saying the Zeno cares, but for the pattern I observed the tip count must be a multiple of 15.

I use TeraTerm for resetting my Zeno tips. For those that dont want to use TeraTerm but need the EEPROM data, open the TeraTerm macro and extract the data you need. For those that do want the macro, here it is: 240 Count Macro for use with TeraTerm

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