Dangerous Prototypes has never and will never show ads, period

My name is Heather and I am a Marketing Administrator for (removed). We have a client that may be interested in advertising on your site dangerousprototypes.com. Is there a good person to contact about options and rates?

There’s ads on the web?

Dangerous Prototypes has never displayed ads or participated in paid referral programs, and we won’t. Your purchases at Seeed Studio and our distributors make Dangerous Prototypes possible.

Every time a marketing troll bangs a press release through the contact form, we write back and ask for stuff to give away. We try to get as much free swag for you as possible, but we never accept payment for giveaways.

We run press releases for lots of electronic stuff, but they’re never paid. Even our favorite companies risk mocking.

Engineers sample, it’s a normal part of the industry. Occasionally we use or review a free sample, but we will never accept paid posts.  We disclose any free stuff that isn’t also available to other engineers.

Finally, what Adafruit said: we will not use intrusive privacy violating social networking features malware on the site.

We don’t begrudge ad-driven sites, but we don’t want it here.

Also, the web has ads?

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  1. we are glad to see the same policy as our site (adafruit) on another great open source hardware site. no ads, no google-twitter-facebook-share-privacy buttons littered all over the place :)

  2. RSS feed’s good enough for me. I’ve had too much experience being unpaid tech support for removing social diseases caught through social networking.

    Ad Block Plus and FlashBlock are your friend. Computers running Firefox or Chrome protected with these visual and viral intrusion preventers seem to have the least problems out there in internet land.

    Thank you for Nothing! Adless areas of the internet are much appreciated!

  3. Thumbs DOWN! I don’t understand this Socialist anti-Capitalist attitude I’m seeing all over the “Maker” Community.

    Ads make money for DP. More money for DP means more Dangerous Prototypes for everyone. Yay!

    Ads when done properly are a good thing, especially if the are ads are related to the content of the site. Look at http://www.eeweb.com. Their site is sprinkled with content-related ads. Even some of the content is vendor/distributor contributed – tutorials, app notes, etc. Good stuff. I visit both DP and EEWeb daily, and I wish DP had more stuff like EEWeb.

    However, I do agree with eliminating the Social Networking “Malware”. Hate that stuff.

    Anyone else agree with me? Or am I the only person left on the Planet that thinks commerce is good and that making money honestly through hard work benefits everyone.

    Regards, David

    P.S., I bet if I posted this on the Adafruit Blog, it would be taken down.

    1. In our case I think the decision is very much capitalist. Running a blog is a business investment intended to expand hardware sales.

      We are a commercial site supported by sales. Most major commercial sites (WalMart.com, or even SparkFun.com) don’t have ads (for 3rd parties). We are also a blog, and lots of blogs do have ads. We want to be more than a plain old blog, so we’re imitating what the world’s biggest capitalist success stories do on their sites.

      We trade on reputation and integrity too. If we have paid placements and spammy content we’ll lose readers, and sales. I believe this market (so called maker set) demands a high level of integrity.

      You have a choice of places to get electronic news and buy widgets. As a capitalists running a business, I see not having ads as a very simple and cheap way to stand out from the crowd and give the market what it wants.

      But mostly, this is my house and I’ll do it up as I please ;)
      (or at least what zoning laws and the neighborhood association allow)

      1. Hi Ian,

        Your reply is well-written and and your position is understood. However…

        The next DP Project should be:

        Making money from 3rd-Parties using the DP Web-Presence while maintaining DP’s “Integrity”.


        Money > DP > More Dangerous Prototypes > We Buy > Circuitous

        Regards, David in Jakarta

  4. Like HAD has gone to. Their “Google” ads searches thru my previous searches and posts what it thinks is relevant ads. Very annoying.

  5. @drone/david – why would you say this?

    “P.S., I bet if I posted this on the Adafruit Blog, it would be taken down.”

    we only remove comments that are spam/inappropriate. you’re welcome to post this exact comment on our site and see if it is removed (it will not be), we don’t agree with you, but we do not need to agree with everyone to have good discussions. just be nice and do not call people names, that’s easy right?

    any way, back to your other comment(s).

    “Thumbs DOWN! I don’t understand this Socialist anti-Capitalist attitude I’m seeing all over the “Maker” Community.”

    please provide specific examples. who, where, what?

    we’re capitalists – every maker we know enjoys money and what it does – and we run a very successful hardware biz in nyc, we don’t wants ads because it would take away from the customer experience. if we write about something you know it’s because we like it, not because we are being paid to do so.

    our blog has over 2m page views, it’s fast, it’s editorially free to write about anything – the revenue we generate to support it is from our store.

    we like this *freedom*

    1. Nah, I’m a regular to Adafruit. Your Blog is a bit different than this one – the content gets a bit political at times.

      Several times over long varying time periods I have posted my opinions on your Blog. But the posts appeared initially (yes I got the color-codes correct), however the next day (even with browser full-cache-clear and LSO cookie dump just to be sure), my post was gone. But all the others remained.

      I don’t keep track of this kind of stuff anymore (it happens so often these days, so much for Free-Speech), so I can’t give you specific references. But trust-me, it happened – more than once, and only when the post was in defense of the likes of responsible capitalism.

      The content of my Posts on the Adafruit Blog were nothing more than the likes of what you’re seeing here in this thread – I promise, no hate, no bad language, just deep yet responsible thought.

      But there’s a big chance I’m wrong here, just the nature of Web technology. But as I said, this happened several times separately over a fairly long period of time (months).

      At least I wasn’t banned (a waste of time if you try).

      Rgds, David

      Socially Liberal, yet Fiscally Conservative – A Member of the Dying Breed

  6. @david – we’ve never deleted or banned you or your comments, you are mistaken and should apologize here for saying so. we moderate comments, so if they don’t appear instantly do not assume anything more than there is a delay, we have thousands of spam attempts per day now that our blog is popular, so we moderate some posts when the spamming gets crazy.

    if there was an issue with a comment showing up you should just email us and we’ll check it out – as you said “But there’s a big chance I’m wrong here, just the nature of Web technology. But as I said, this happened several times separately over a fairly long period of time (months).” please do not make assumptions and please be fair to us, here and elsewhere.

    what specific “political” posts do we have? you said you do not have specific references yet you accuse us of specific things.

  7. If I get Drone’s statement correct, open source = Socialism?
    Doesn’t really matter to me.

    Having to find information to repair/fix anything from Navy radar systems, to my TV, I’m tired of “proprietary” information. Like the iFixit manifesto, “If I can’t fix it, I don’t own it”. The main reason I support the open source project/movement.

    BTW Drone, you are not alone in the Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative category, plenty of us out there. But I don’t think it’s dying, just going underground.

  8. @stephen – it’s funny, by giving away our source code, file and schematics so *others* can *also* make thriving businesses, where *commercial use* of our designs is allow and encouraged is being called socialism? hah!

  9. For those on Mac OS X, check out OmniWeb. It does a great job of blocking ads everywhere on the web.

    As for the comments about Socialism, please consider carefully that a truly free market is driven by concerns for more than just money. A free market exchanges finite resources based on mutually-agreed terms. If an open developer values the results of giving away their work for free more than they value the cash they might have received, then that developer has already profited. Real Capitalism is measured more broadly than mere dollars.

  10. The claim that social networking tools are malware is a misconception. Following the attribution chain backwards, it stems from a glitch in a facebook feature rolled out over a year. Facebook fixed this problem long ago, but Phil Torrone never bothered to update the Make blog post title or Adafruit from which this all stems from. Amusingly, this alleged “facebook malware” hasn’t stopped Phil or his colleagues at the Make blog from using these features.

    I LOVE your site, but am displeased by much of this post. It motivated me to detail NBitWonder’s ad and social-networking TOOL policy here.

    Best of luck with the new theme!

    1. Hi George,

      I’m sorry we come off smug. I really don’t begrudge sites with ads, most sites do have ads, including my favorites sites. Just like I don’t begrudge closed source software or hardware, most stuff is closed source.

      It’s not really a single incident of malicious code in “like this” and “tweeted X times” buttons that concerns me. It’s handing over our readers info to a third party social network. Not to mention the ‘bugs’ mentioned by the Facebook rep in your post that accidentally exposed user’s private info.

      We use Facebook and Twitter, a lot of our friends do to, we even link them on our blog. We don’t run the javascript buttons and other embed code that makes every reader’s browser hit Facebook’s tracking server. As a security minded paranoid geek that stuff is really important to me personally. I think that’s what Adafruit means too, though I only speak for DP.

      Thanks for reading, I think you’re doing great work at nbitwonder.


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