Massive DIY video game, controller, more

Chris made a mutant video game controller, console, and more, all wrapped up in a small project box. Check out the list of features:

Propeller Board USB, Net Server, BlueSmirf Bluetooth, X-bee, DeadOn RTC, Lipo and onboard charger, On board USB-FTDI-Serial for both Prop and LCD,  4 gigs of SD card space (2 cards), IR in and out (for data and “TV remote” –also a TV be gone), 2 PS/2’s for Keyboard and Mouse, NES joystick connection, Video out, Dual-boot eeproms, Joystick, One bad-ass LCD (Touch, SD card, vid and pic ready, WAV player)

The highlight of this new TX is obviously the LCD. I have bragged about these screens for a while now and I will keep talking them up… You are getting a 3.2″ touch-screen, a full-on microcontroller (I/o, serial, i2c, SD card –a real microcontroller), WAV player, with the ability to display panels, buttons, sliders, text, full graphics, pictures and video. These screens are amazing and even more so at way less than 100 bucks.

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