DIY solder mask ink now at Seeed Studio

This enamel coats homemade circuit boards with the same type of green protective solder mask used on professional PCBs. We were discussing DIY solder mask in the forum, now Seeed has it for sale (or will soon). A three pack with red, blue, and green is only $6.50.

Seeed has a how-to tutorial.  The paint is cured with a UV lamp or sunlight. Apply paint, cover with plastic and use a marker to black out areas that should be uncovered, expose for 10 minutes, wash with solvent.

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  1. And it was sold out faster than posted on their site ;)
    Hope t will come back soon (and in larger quantities).

    1. Try google “wayengineer solder ink”. I have bought from WayEngineer but not this item.
      I have some of the green stuff myself, from Electrodragon but last time I checked they were out of stock.

    2. It’s a really bad idea to post your email in any forum, you are likely to get spam galore. I’d suggest you edit your comment to remove your email, or if you can’t then advise me (just post here) and I’ll remove it for you.

      If you read the details above, they include the link (in blue) or you can go to and get it there.

      1. Problem is: the link doesn’t work anymore, and seedstudio doesn’t find anything when searching for ‘solder mask’.

      2. OK, seems they have ran out, I’m sure they’ll have more soon if it sold out that quickly, perhaps drop them an email.

  2. I bought similar stuff off ebay some years ago and it was basically useless. I followed the instructions and tried my own methods as well, but couldn’t get it to work properly. Perhaps this stuff will be better.

    1. The green stuff I got works, it hardens well in bright sunlight in 5 min or so, but in reality it’s hard for a hobbyist to work PCBs to look nice like commercial boards. I didn’t have time to make silkscreens of course, so I masked out pads using sticker paper, and the sticker glue did hurt solderability. IHMO, if anyone wants boards with nice a coloured solder mask, just order a bunch of PCBs.

      I now use the stuff only as a protective layer after a board has been completed with parts soldered and circuitry mostly tested. Brushed on with some cotton, a thin layer will make it look less uneven, but it’s still pretty ugly if one wants to compare it to boards ordered from commercial fabricators.

      1. Yeah, the stuff I had just wouldn’t harden. Tried normal light (what they recommended), various wavelengths of UV, etc. but just couldn’t get it to work. Was used when we were doing small runs that couldn’t justify going through our usual fab. That was some years ago and when PCB services became commonly available in small qty, I just used those.

  3. have you guys tried to use a black&Deker drilling device to spread the ink then dry it? you could then apply the print. Anyway… i’m portuguese and we don’t have that here yet. Not any kind of UV ink for all I know.

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