JTAG debugging introduction and simulation

Posted on Sunday, June 26th, 2011 in JTAG by Ian

Henrik writes:  This seems like a clever open source project, you can order a free kit or build it yourself based on the FTDI chips. Free software to develop or educate yourself on jtag.

goJTAG is the first university-driven open-source project aiming at providing a full package for a JTAG newcomer including training materials, slides and exercises. The software includes a simulation component that fully illustrates the underlaying concept of JTAG/Boundary Scan. The user can directly step-wise control the test features of IEEE 1149.1 compliant devices and observe a system’s reaction in a real time in an on-screen simulation. Using a PicoTAP controller, all actions can be applied to a unit under test (UUT) it is connected to. Such a fine-grain illustration of JTAG test principles has not been possible until now.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Drone says:

    “you can order a free kit”

    Where does it say that? I don’t see it on the goJTAG site.

    Regards, David

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