Amateur radio study guide has much information about electronics

Ham radio is nothing new, however if your new to electronics, or interested  in becoming a ham, we suggest reading one of Dan’s self-study guides.

The RMS value of an AC signal is the voltage that causes the same power dissipation as
a DC voltage of the same value. (G5B07) For an AC signal with a sine-wave shape, the
RMS value is .707 times the peak value. 12 volts is the RMS voltage of a sine wave with
a value of 17 volts peak. (G5B09)

Conversely, the peak-to-peak value of an AC signal is 2 × 1.414 × the RMS value.
Accordingly, 339.4 volts is the peak-to-peak voltage of a sine wave that has an RMS
voltage of 120 volts. (G5B08)

Power is equal to the RMS voltage times the current, or
P (watts) = VRMS x I

Using Ohm’s Law, we can show that:
P = V2RMS / R
P = I2 x R

The amateur radio exams require you to understand subjects like ohms law, reactance, inductance, impedance, and capacitance, along with many other electronics principles. His study guides are not your average list of the question pool, it has been rearranged in a manner that presents you with explanations and examples and references to the question to witch it applies. About 70 pages long(pdf) this is an excellent way to study for your technician class, or upgrade to your general class, or even just learn something about eletronics.

There are versions available for the Nook and Kindle at a reasonable price, or a free PDF.

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