Blog outage update

Between 6am and noon CST yesterday the blog slowed down and eventually stopped working. Scheduled posts, like our call with LeafLabs, will be pushed to next Tuesday. Here’s what we know…

Last weekend we got a ton of traffic from one IP address in China. Our internet service is metered, and they ran up a $50 bill in two days. Laughing Squid, our awesome ISP, did an investigation and blocked the IP for us.

Yesterday there was a direct attack on the WordPress login page that crashed the blog, but not the forum or wiki. A shout out to Frank who did a great job locating the cause and getting us back online.

WordPress plugins were brought online one-by-one. Facebook posts were not restored until today due to some weird crap in the Wordbooker diagnostic log.

It appears no data was compromised, not that we keep anything of value in our databases like credit card details anyways. Our best guess is maybe the phpBB3 spam filter we host got some unwanted attention.

Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for your patience yesterday. We’re really sorry about the site outage and slow support during the down-time freakout.

Fail whale from Twitter.

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