Breakout boards release package v1.0

Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2011 in releases by Ian

Over the last few weeks we did a massive cleanup and reorganization of our SVN code repository. Most projects now follow a standard directory structure. All our in-progress and stalled project files are now completely open and available to anyone. We also included all the manufacturing resources used to initiate production at Seeed, and the original artwork and diagrams used in the documentation. The final step of the cleanup is to release packages and source archives for each project.

Updated source archive and user packages for the breakout boards are now available.  This package covers MMA7455L, FT2232, and MCP2200.

Get MMA7455L and MCP2200 breakout boards from Seeed Studio for $15 each.

Get the FT2232H breakout board for $27

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