Si4707 weather band radio receiver ICs

NashblackCat writes to inform us of a chip that reads weather radio data:

Silicon Laboratories makes an IC Weather Band (WB) radio called the Si4707. This IC is capable of using the specific area message encoding (SAME) and also supports the detection of the 1050Hz alert tone that is used by the National Weather Service. Currently no Arduino shields exist that could be used in a manner to receive, use, and/or display the broadcast alert data such as severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings. I think a shield like this would be great to implement all kinds of interfaces to this publicly available data resource. Some examples include Twitter alert system, VOIP streaming of audio broadcasts to your cellphone, and even a radio repeater controller interface.

Some type of web interface (such as via the Web Platform) or Arduino shield is definitely something to think about!

Thanks NashblackCat! Via the forum.

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  1. Yeah, getting an actual part from SiLabs is harder than getting a Maxim part (if you can believe it). These parts are targeted at consumer product manufacturers who buy in six or seven digit volumes. Sparkfun sells the SiLabs Si4735-C40-GU radio part for a Maxim-like $10 a pop (ouch!). Also, you can’t get at the DSP code in these parts, which is a real shame.

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