Status Update: Bus Pirate v3.5

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2011 in Bus Pirate, Status update by Ian

Bus Pirate v3b (L), v3.5 (R), v4 (BACK)

Bus Pirate v3.5 is exactly the same a Bus Pirate v3b. We added a much requested shrouded header, and made tweaks to keep manufacturing costs down.

  1. v3.5 has a bigger PCB, the same size as v4. Both boards will fit the same inexpensive acrylic case.
  2. The IO header is centered and has a shroud – the plastic cover thing that makes it easy to get the probe cable on right (not pictured because we couldn’t find one)
  3. Most resistors were consolidated into resistor packs. The arrays are cheaper, and there’s three fewer pick and place movements for each array, nine less to assemble v3.5.
  4. All parts reduced to 0603, CD4066 (IC3) changed to SSOP.
  5. Test pins shorted to indicate v3.5. The firmware knows if it runs on a v2.5/3a,v3b, or v3.5 PCB. Not that it matters at all.

The first batch of 500 Bus Pirate v3.5s is extra special. Seeed has 500 SOIC PIC 24Fj64GA002s sitting around so we made the first board with an SOIC footprint. These are known to be revision B5, an update to A3 used in our first batch of Bus Pirates, and the reason we use software I2C libraries.

Seeed is currently out of Bus Pirate. The next batch that ships, including back orders, should be Bus Pirate v3.5. Adafuit has a pending wholesale order and will get them ASAP. No official word, but we think these are ready – our freebie order for Hackerbot Labs was just shipped.

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3 Responses to “Status Update: Bus Pirate v3.5”

  1. Karl says:

    Hi, could you elaborate further on what B5 vs A3 means?! Is this a microchip silicon errata problem or something?

    • Ian says:

      Early Microchip PIC 24FJ64GA002 were revision A3. It has a bug in the hardware I2C module and the UART (serial) module. We don’t use the broken functions on the Bus Pirate, but it has caused some grief in the past. B5 is the first major revision that fixes all these issues.

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