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    1. It has flat pads on the bottom that are not exposed on the edges, but they are not balled. I ruined several PCBs and chips learning to solder it, I’m still haunted by the experience :)

  1. Ian, you mentioned using hot air to do this in the forum thread. Would that be from the top or the bottom of the board?

    My (perhaps unfounded) concern would be toasting the chip, if done from the top.

    1. From the top. I actually pre-heat the board and the tin and heat the chip. Everything is nice and toasty, then I pop the chip in place and keep the air going while I tap the board to align the chip. If you’re luck, it works 50% of the time :)

      They bake them in an oven normally, keep the air moving and it usually doesn’t burn. I did burn several PCBs while I got the hang of this though.

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