Arduino to Android IO on the cheap (aka Poor Man’s NFC)

Posted on Thursday, May 26th, 2011 in Android, Arduino, data transfer, hacks by the machinegeek

Joe Desbonnet was looking for a cheap and easy way to transfer data from an Arduino to an Android device. The hack he devised requires only a 1-meter length of wire wound into a coil, a resistor and diode. He writes:

This is a little hack that allows very low bandwidth communications in one direction for practically no cost. It’s not practical for most applications, but I thought the idea was sufficiently interesting to explore. This article describes how to implement a very low bandwidth one way communication channel between an Arduino (or any other microcontroller) and an Android device using nothing more than about a meter of magnet wire, a resistor and diode. Links to a software sketch for the Arduino and the Android source code is included.

Cool and imaginative!

Thanks Joe! Via the contact form.

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3 Responses to “Arduino to Android IO on the cheap (aka Poor Man’s NFC)”

  1. megabug says:

    haha this is very cool! :D

  2. sadex says:

    I wanna know the things needed for transferring data from arduino to android tablet and which will be best for transferring data, will it be a wireless or wired? I have a folding magnetic treadmill (,1064321044,Sell-Foldable-Magnetic-Treadmill.html ) here with two sensors attached, the first sensor is a rectangular reed sensor (“universal” reacts in the presence of a magnet) and a pulse sensor. What i want to get is the speed, distance, pulse, and time and i want these to be displayed on the android tablet. On the tablet side user/users can save their workout and also there are few games to play. . . What is important now is how to display whatever the arduino ouput for the calculations of speed, distance, pulse and time on the tablet. Please share your Ideas into this problem. . .

    • Fahad says:

      Hey….its a great hack..!! kudos to you… would be great if u posted the code for that….i would love to take a look at it…

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