Woz on our closed source education system

Posted on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 in News by the machinegeek

Here’s a brief video by Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, keynoting ESC Silicon Valley 2011, talking about how schools tamp down creativity and need reform.

Via EETimes.

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3 Responses to “Woz on our closed source education system”

  1. Drone says:

    How iRonic is it that iWoz should talk about reforming the “closed” education system. He should be lambasting Apple for taking from the free open source software community and giving nothing back. OSX is a blatant rip off of the Berkeley Licensed BSD operating system and the desktop it uses is a rip-off of KDE. What’s worse is that greedy Apple did what Bill Gates did with DOS and Windows. Gates made the default line-end CR+LF instead of the standard LF in Unix. Apple did the same thing except they made the default line-end CR instead of LF.

    It pains me to see that so many “Social Justice” proponents are drawn to the over-priced Apple products – which are built on the backs of those who truly contribute to the common good. Don’t waste your time listening to this hypocrite.

  2. TEN says:

    Surprisingly, an institution where many feel their vocation is to teach subjects in a way that also turns budding citizens & discoverers into subjects instead (erm, I see “subject” could already be read the “right” wrong way the first time around when you think of it)… is holding anyone back?!

    Sure enough, those hackers and makers must be the ones at fault instead:

    As one Jeri Ellsworth, geek girl (as well as pinball wizard, and highschool drop-out) of C64DTV fame (cf. put it:
    “School is kind of set up to teach the average kind of person, and if anyone falls out of that average, either they have to bend or they get lost in the whole system.”

    Kodachrome & Another Brick In The Wall lyrics, need I say more?

  3. Chuckt says:

    Regardless of what people might do or not do, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel passionately about other things like teaching.

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