Raspberry Pi tiny Linux computer platform

This tiny USB stick PC was featured on Slashdot and many other sites. It’s intended as a $25 throw-away computer education tool, and uses an ARM11 with 128MB of RAM:

David Braben has developed a tiny USB stick PC that has a HDMI port in one end and a USB port on the other. You plug it into a HDMI socket and then connect a keyboard via the USB port giving you a fully functioning machine running a version of Linux. The cost is only $25.

Braben says he hopes to be distributing the Raspberry Pi device within the next 12 months.

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  1. I would really like one of these. I am interested to see if they can make this a reality. Just something about having it on my keys and being actually useful ;)

  2. I don’t understand what you DO with this. How do you connect storage? How do you load software? How would you connect I/O? If you can afford a $100 – $150 for an HDMI TV/Monitor, you can probably afford a used computer that will run rings around this.

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