Outdoor temperature data server using Picaxe-08M

Max Carter likes to experiment with Picaxe microcontrollers. He was looking for a way to take readings of the outdoor temperature and make the data available on the internet. He devised a project requiring minimal hardware, consisting of a Picaxe-08M, LM34 temperature sensor and a few discrete components. He programmed the Picaxe to take readings from the temperature sensor and communicate the temperature data to a PC via the serial port. (Note the absence of a need for a TTL-RS232 level converter chip, thanks to the Picaxe!) He then wrote the server configuration code and software for the PC to make the data available via the web. You can check out the online output from this project showing the temperature at Max’s place in Wyoming!

You can read the full details and download the PC and Picaxe code on Max’s website, along with his other informative Picaxe tutorials.

(Of course, if you’re so inclined, you could try eliminating the need for the PC in this project by using our Web Platform, available for $40 including worldwide shipping.)

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