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Kelvin writes:

I was designing PCB using Kicad recently. For slightly more complex board, I was lazy to route them and instead use the in-built autoroute feature. Kicad autoroute feature seems inadequate. This is when I found the free autorouting tool at

To use the tool, one needs to export the PCB design to standard Specctra DSN interface. Kicad can do that. Critical traces can be hand routed first, and the tool respects design rules imposed by designer. Once that is done, you can go for a coffee break, while the autorouter does the crunching. For the board that I tired out, I am impressed with the result.

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  1. I have used this tool to recent projects and I can say that it works great for me. What’s more it is free in online version even for commercial use. I used to use Eagle, but about two weak ago got interested in KiCAD and I have to say that it is a great alternative for Cadsoft Eagle. Simple and very powerfull (when using tool for PCB designing.

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