JeeLabs JeeNode combines Arduino, RF

JeeLabs has a product known as the JeeNode v5, which is essentially a miniature Arduino (Atmega328p) board with an onboard RFM12B wireless module. Boards are available with the serial interface (shown above) as well as USB.

You can buy the kit directly from JeeLabs, or build your own using the schematic and documentation provided.

While it’s not an Xbee compatible RF unit, the RFM12B has its own RF12 library of functions which should help you accomplish many control and data transfer tasks.

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  1. It’s worth noting that the JeeNode is not just another Arduino clone. It runs at 3.3 V for low power consumption (but still at 8 MHz, meaning it’s overclocked, but no reported problems with that in several thousand units shipped as of last year). The RFM12B short-range data radio is not an XBee but the key point is that it’s low power, small, and cheap! Check out the price of a JeeNode (radio included), and then compare that to the price of an Arduino + XBee.

  2. (…sorry, I meant the JeeNode runs at 16 MHz and 3.3V, unlike most 3.3V ATmega devices at 8 MHz)

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