Spotify Radio project looks to put playlists on physical disks

Jordi Parra has been making progress on this prototype standalone music player that comes with RFID 8 tags that can be linked to Spotify music playlists. It can be for yourself, or to give as a present, giving you the chance to link music to the tags before giving it to that person, similar to mixtapes from “back in the day.”

At this stage the prototype must still be connected to a computer in order to play music, but Jordi’s plans are for a standalone player with its own speakers and wifi connection. He can’t run libspotify nor play music from Spotify on the Arduino, but it would be possible on an embedded Linux. The RFID tags don’t store music, but are linked to a certain Spotify URI or search. Each tag has a unique ID, and each unique ID points to Spotify music. His goal is to keep the project as inexpensive as possible, hopefully in the $50 range. This project is still in the development stage, and Jordi will appreciate any suggestions or assistance.

Via Wired.

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