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  1. Nice thing to get know with how to use oscilloscope for those who doesn’t have chance to play with this kind of hardware. But nothing will substitute real hardware practice.

  2. You need to install Macromedia Shockwave to use this ancient simulation. I strongly advise against doing so unless you intend to go through the tooth-pulling exercise of removing it afterward. Shockwave is a Dinosaur application, notorious for security holes.

    BTW, if this simulation ran without you having to install anything, then you’re already “infected” with Shockwave – I recommend you remove it unless there’s something that compels you to keep it.

    Regards, David

  3. No, Flash is “OK” as long as it is up to date (important Adobe Flash is a serious hacked security magnet; always has been).

    A Flash plug-in to your browser may actually report as Shockwave Flash. But I don’t believe it has all the baggage that comes with a full install of old Shockwave stuff (Adobe/Macromedia Bastards obfuscating things).

    If you’re running Firefox, check your Flash status here:

    It will likely report “Shockwave Flash” as up-to-date (if you do indeed keep Flash updated regularly). But I do not believe the word “Shockwave” in “Shockwave Flash” includes the bloatware that the old oscilloscope demo (c.2003) wants you to further install. (those Adobe/Macromedia Bastards again obfuscating things!)

    IF your Firefox plugin-check is reporting you are up to date with “Shockwave Flash” and the old (2003) oscilloscope demo requires you to install additional Shockwave software, then this is bad IMO. Don’t do it.

    Steve Gibson at in his weekly Security-Now netcasts has warned about this Shockwave bloat more than once.

    Also beware: Lately, many report when you update your Flash plug-in, by default the Bastards at Adobe also install some MacAfee software on your machine. Pay close attention and look for a small tick-box that you must un-tick to keep this crap off your machine.

    Please someone correct me if I’m wrong here…

    Yeah, let’s not get into a “just use Linux” or use “NoScript”/”Better Privacy” or “Virtualize”, or “Sandbox the browser”, etc. etc. flame war here. That stuff is OT AFAIK.

    Regards, David

  4. I’ve just checked my Firefox with tool you’ve linked here and everything is up to date. I’ve olso uninstalled Shockwave plugin and now the oscilloscope simulator doesn’t work, so everything seems to be OK.
    Thanks again,

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