Parts: pogo pins, jumpers, resistor kits, more

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 in Development, tools by Sjaak

Today a parcel come in with lots of goodies from MDFLY. We are prototyping a lot so every useful gadget that helps us a lot. Follow below for a look at the jumper cables, resistor kits, and pogo pins in this order.

As we are moving towards 0603 sized resistors and capacitors so 0603 resistor and capacitor kits are one of the first things we needed. They come in nice sheets that store easily in binders, that’s how we prefer to store our parts. The sheets are just 12x17cm, it would be a bit nicer if they were A4 or letter sized, but still they don’t occupy much space!

Ever build a prototype and get sick of stripping and cutting wires? We certainly do, and we were happy to see these pre-cut wires in different lengths. We got the 50mm and 80mm versions. They look very thin, but we are happy we don’t need to cut and strip more wires!! This will be a good addition to our protoboards and will speed things up.

We are making more and more complex boards, which needs to be quality checked before shipping. Pogopins or testpins are a convenient way to connect to a populated pcb without using connectors and damaging it. Check these Sparkfun and circuits-at-home articles on designing your own testing rigs. We even have a topic on this matter in the forums. We also have an universal testing app – but sssst, it is a secret to be released soon!

We also found a nice adapter cable for our trusty friend the Bus Pirate. One side has a 5 pin header and the other side has 5 separate headers. This is very useful to connect to various breakout board with standard .1″ spaced headers. The Bus Pirate has a 2×5 header, so we ordered two.

We are not anyway affiliated with MDFLY but they have some nice products in stock that could make our lives easy and perhaps even yours!

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5 Responses to “Parts: pogo pins, jumpers, resistor kits, more”

  1. DrF says:

    It’s like geek porn ;) (unless im really just odd)
    Pogo pins you really do get what you pay for with them, I had some off eBay a while ago that seemed to have trouble with the whole pogo action bit (ie:popping back up) they would get stuck alot.

  2. ducksauz says:

    What does MDFLY call pogopins in their shop?
    I can’t find them anywhere.

  3. A. Ford says:

    What type of sheet protectors are those used to store the SMD tapes? I haven’t been able to find similar, but perhaps I’m searching for the wrong thing.

    • Sjaak says:

      I guess they are used for storing film negatives. Or perhaps they have some custom made.

      You could ask where they get them from. (also please share the answer :) )

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