GSM SIM emulator using PIC Microcontroller

Here’s a project from EHobbyProjects which demonstrates their hack for emulating a GSM SIM card using a microcontroller, EEPROM and SIM card adapter. Their instructions include reading the IMSI and KI data from the original SIM, and then using their Configurator program and hex programming files in conjunction with a PIC16F877 and 24C64 EEPROM to modify and load the desired SIM data into the PIC. Once programmed, the PIC/EEPROM SIM emulation device is connected to the GSM phone via a SIM card adapter.

This is not a hack we tested, and is presented for educational purposes only.

Here’s a tutorial on using the Bus Pirate to interface with a SLE4442 card, which may give some ideas on reading data from the original SIM card.

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  1. Well, first of all ‘reading’ the KI is not possible, only SIMs with the COMP128v1 algorithm, which was broken back in 1998, can be cloned by bruteforcing the KI. But SIMs don’t use COMP128v1 anymore, only some chinese GSM providers still seem to use it (which would explain why products like “Magic SIMs” are still on the market).

    And secondly, this isn’t really an open source project, since there are only precompiled hex-files and no source at all.

  2. i need to use sim with pic to control any thing like flashing led using a mobile can you help me on this project

  3. hello
    i just want to read the count of sms and contacts from sim card so can you tell me which hardware should i use and give me a sample code for doing this. i dont want to clone the sim card.
    thank you so much

  4. by the way i dont want to use any pc software and i want to send the data which i need from serial poort of micro

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