TI launches video repository

Texas Instruments has announced a new video website:

TI recently launched a new video repository which really takes us to the next level in online video. This new system (which can be found at http://videos.ti.com) creates a one-stop-shop for seeing all the video content, High quality video streaming with full screen capability. Share functionality which will allow you to post the video right in the player to many popular social sharing sites. Email functionality which will allow you to email the video to friends who might also find it of interest. Embed codes which allow you to place the video on your own pages. But one of the key new items which we are now offering our customers is User Generated Video. If you make any videos about how to use TI products we want you to upload them to our site! Simply go to http://uploadvideo.ti.com and load your file! We’ll feature them on our portal and may even use your video on our website so others can use the information.

Via Adafruit.

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  1. Wow, this is cool. Note, you can DOWNLOAD the videos too (yippeee). Unfortunately though, even though I’ve selected “US English”, it seems that because I’m in Asia (Indonesia), All I get is Japanese (Kanji) text on the page. Bad geolocation detection/implementation on the site it seems. (Yes I told NoScript to back-off).

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