Monitor snow depth with microcontroller

The snow pummeling many regions this week makes one think about a snow depth measurement project. Here’s an idea abstract from Preetika S. Sapra and Gaurav Sapra for their design of a Microcontroller Based Snow Depth Sensor for Measuring the Depth of Snow Avalanche.

This concept paper discusses the design and construction of a device to detect avalanche’s and measure their depth, along with recording temperature readings. While no source code is given for the 89C51 they used, this design could be implemented using any micro with comparable specs (low power, high performance CMOS 8 bit microcontroller with 4Kbyte flash programmable and EEPROM). The microcontroller uses an ultrasonic transmitter/receiver pair to measure the snow depth, which is then stored onboard along with readings from a temperature sensor for display on an attached LCD. Their device was intended to measure avalanche depths from 0.5 to 4.0 meters, but this could be modified to measure smaller snow depths in the ultrasonic reading code.

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