Mars clock using PIC16F877A

What do you do if you have a spare LCD module with backlight, a weird 16 button keyboard, and a PIC16F877A microcontrering dust? If you’re avtanski, a monster Martian Clock immediately springs to mind.

This thoroughly documented project shows you how to take these few common components and build a unique clock that features 16 timers that can be independently paused and restarted, can run forward or backward, along with individual alarms with configurable sounds and actions. Timers can show Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc. times, sidereal time, Moon phase, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot transit time, and just about anything else you can time. It also feature simultaneous 24-hour and Julian-time decimal display.

Reportedly all changes in configuration can be done from the device’s keyboard – no computer necessary. It is powered by external AC power with built-in rechargeable battery for portability. Full source code, schematic and detailed plans are included. Avtanski says its high on the geekness scale and we enthusiastically agree!

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