Implantable RFID temperature sensors

Implantable RFID chips have been around for years. Since at least 2004 these devices have been capable of including GPS data, and manufacturers have been researching other measurement capabilities.

Implantable health sensors may soon be a real option with the launch by PositiveID of its ‘Wireless Body Platform’. Initially the health sensor system was designed for diabetics allowing blood sugar levels to be wirelessly read and sent to an external device. Now they have announced the ability to measure body temperature as well. The temperature sensing chip notifies people or their caregivers of rising body temperature giving them time to take anti viral medication which works best when taken early.

Three of PositiveID’s new sensors can be viewed here. Makes you wonder when chips will be able to monitor enough parameters to function as an implantable lie detector.

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  1. I looked up the implantable GPS units and they’re pretty big! They say the original is the size of a pacemaker and needs to be inductively charged but they’re working on reducing the size.

    The temperature implant isn’t super useful considering you’re going to be wearing some kind of receiver unit that powers implant and communicates with it so you can get a reasonably good temperature reading already. Its when they manage to make one that contains extra sensors like one that detects insulin levels which you can’t easily detect externall that it will make it a really useful tool.

  2. What ever happened to the studies that seemed to show a very high incidence of cancer in the tissue surrounding rfid implants?

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